SM Jobar - Freelance Writer and Editor

Passing Thoughts

It was an article about death that got me thinking. Why do people now refer to it as passing? Passing what - the exam of life - graduating to a new level? What does this tell our kids? Grandma passed and you'll not see her again in this life, and if you do your homework, you'll pass.

Pass, passed, passing: such generic, insipid words with a multitude of meanings: to move on or by, to extend, to succeed, to transfer or circulate, to elapse, to be communicated, conveyed by a will, to change, to happen, to decline one's turn, to serve as a poor substitute, to be accepted, to discharge from the body, to go by without stopping, to maneuver by means of a pase in bullfighting, to pronounce, to make a sexual invitation, a motion of the hand, written leave from military duty, to sweep over, a predicament, to spread…

That's a lot of possibilities to ponder before it dawns on you someone just died.